I have lots more Vertebrats pictures to post but must admit that I’m too exhausted tonight. Long day at work and then we had to work on Leo’s birthday party invitations. I had thought we’d just buy some invitations and fill them in but NOOOOOO, Leo wants to handwrite each one and draw multiple drawings of train engines and cars on each one…..let me tell you—–it’s time consuming. In non-Vertebrats related news…..Steve the caterpillar is back. The guys had found a striped green caterpillar on our fennel plant earlier this summer and named him Steve. Steve eventually went on his merry little caterpillar way. However the other day the boys raced in yelling “Steve is back” with great excitement. Steve, or a caterpillar that looks remarkably like him, had returned to our fennel. The guys then found two dark little caterpillars that Leo named “Engine” and “Caboose”. Owen insists their names are actually “Baby Steve” and “Baby Big Steve” but Leo just rolls his eyes and whispers, “Their names are REALLY Engine and Caboose”….

Here’s a picture of a caterpillar that looks a lot like Steve (but not Engine or Caboose):