3 thoughts on “Vertebrats/Townie pics

  1. Did you know pretty much the entire LAST Vertebrats reunion show – as well as an old 6-minute feature from a local newscast about the “scene” – is posted on YouTube.com?
    Oops. What I meant to say was “Chloe got stung by a bee and I thought of Ernie. I hope he is okay.” Sheesh.

  2. I know—that’s how I first heard about the reunion show because I finally emailed the person putting all that on and said “Do I KNOW you?” and sure I enough did—it was Pete and he told me about the reunion show. Now I’m waiting for this one….not to put any pressure on Pete of course…..
    Hope Chloe’s o.k. and that she held up better than Ernie!

  3. Shouldn’t that be “Don’t I Know You?”, which is my favorite of the post-1982 Vertebrats tunes.
    Videos are coming soon. My microphone picked up a bunch of conversations people were having between songs. I’ll edit these out when possible.