Gimme an F, Gimme an L, Gimme an A, Gimme a G, Gimme a Y, Gimme an L……What’s that spell? FLAGYL!!! YAY for antibiotics!!! YAY Flagyl!!

I actually am starting to feel better and it feels amazing. I’m not 100 percent—still pretty exhausted and nauseous on and off but SO much better.

Stephanie, Stephanie, Stephanie……I bow to your experience and wisdom. Yesterday the boys and I were driving in the van and Owen asked what a cub scout was and I started to explain and Leo….my sweet, shy, non-competative little guy….shouted “AND THEY SHOOT BB GUNS”. I kid you not. I could have crashed I was so shocked. You called it.

We did all go to our Cub Scout meeting which turned out to be a cook out–unfortunately I’d stuffed lunch down the boys before we went. Leo was a little shy at first but ended up having a great time—hay rack rides and all. Luckily it turns out one of his friends is also a cub scout and I was greatly relieved to see his parents there!!

More later…..

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