Today is our 18th wedding anniversary. Of course Ernie’s in Iowa and I’m here—he won’t be back until late tonight. I don’t have anything for him—I hope he doesn’t for me. I guess we’ll celebrate later. I feel like I’m running behind on everything. I can’t seem to get on top of everything.


18 years ago the weather was much like this—beautiful and sunny. When I look at this picture I always laugh. Ernie and his mother always stood exactly alike. It’s hard to believe that both his parents are gone. And my parents—THAT is how they should look. THAT is how I think of them.

We LOVED our wedding. It was in our apartment in Chicago overlooking the lake. The ceremony was just family and a friend or two. Afterward we had a party and by the end of the evening we ended up at the Lighthouse, a classic Chicago neighborhood bar across the street from our apartment. We got free drinks for months because of that. We were incredibly happy and still are despite the complications of life…. I miss him. Can’t wait til he is home.