O.K….I KNOW my father is 81, has Alzheimer’s and is rather frail but for God’s sake HOW CAN HE BE SO SLOW????? My alarm went off at 5:45 and I rolled out of bed shortly after and left the house by 6:20. Got to my parent’s house a little after 6:30. We normally leave for church twenty minutes before mass which would have been 6:40. When I got there Dad was getting dressed. A HALF HOUR LATER HE WAS STILL GETTING DRESSED. ARGH. We left the house at 7:00 for 7:00 mass. It did make it short and sweet but I WANTED TO KILL HIM!! Actually Mom said she had wanted to kill him the night before but she was too tired. Of course we finally get in the van and he just says “thank you so much for doing this sweetheart” in this quiet voice and then I feel bad for getting so frustrated.

I could get fond of morning mass actually–no hymns, no collection—-they just whip through it and there are so few people that communion is a flash too. I started thinking, geeeee, I could do this once a week instead of Sunday……but of course Dad likes going on Sunday…..

I still feel sick but am doing my best to ignore it.