I should have brought my camera with me yesterday but I forgot. I had to go to a meeting in Chicago. All sorts of high powered people in a law firm boardroom on the 30th floor of 311 S. Wacker. At least I had my new glasses. Interesting experience. I love the Loop. I used to work there but it’s been a dozen years or so since then. I was surprised how much the same it felt to me. Obviously there have been changes but I couldn’t really feel them which surprised me a bit. Anyway, it was nice to be downtown, albeit very briefly on a rainy day. Stopped at Ikea quickly on the way home and spent money on nonsense. If Ernie hadn’t been getting ready to go out of town I would have made it a Chicago weekend and invaded my friend Eileen’s house. As it was I had to zoom back to help him get ready. Well, not that I did help but I felt like I should zoom back. We really need to plan a day and bring the boys downtown. They talk about skyscrapers a lot…. I must say having Marshall Field’s known as Macy’s really makes me not want to go as much however….. We need to go visit Eileen though–it’s been too long. She will be shocked at how grown up the guys are even though she keeps track of them on here.

So Ernie took off today—I don’t have high hopes for his antique show but I’m hoping he has a good time. They have a mexican dinner and margaritas at set up—you gotta love a show that does that.

So I have a weekend with my guys again. Right now they are busy building a house for Dee Dee/Bob. Hmmmm. The combination of Dee Dee Ramone and Bob Rasmus is a frightening one. This may not bode well for Dee Dee/Bob…or more correctly may not bode well for us! Here’s a picture of the house they have created for him. It’s a box with pumpking decorations. Owen donated his blanket and a small firetruck. Leo gave some of his toys to put inside it. They stand there and admire their work and say, “oh he’s adorable” and then they say “what does adorable mean?” I told them it meant ‘really cute’ and Leo said “well, he’s triple adorable then”. I love my sweet peas. With the new cats we’re at 5 males, 2 females in the house. At least I’m not alone anymore.