God help me…..Leo wants to join Cub Scouts. Leo—my little non-joiner, non-participatory, independent guy. Refused to take swimming lessons, refused to join chess club even though his best friend is in it and his little analytical mind would be great at it, refuses to play any kind of sport, etc……but he wants to be in Cub Scouts. I’m not so sure I’m real thrilled about aspects of it but Leo so rarely wants to do things like this that I feel like I have to encourage him. Of course he’s already told me what things he WON’T do as a Cub Scout (like swim) so we’ll see how long this lasts. The scary part of it all…..the first meeting is on Sunday when his father is out of town. Do you realize what that means? I am going to a Cub Scout meeting. We have to meet at the firering at Kauffman Lake. Good God.

Please feel free to offer advice.

5 thoughts on “Is this really Leo talking?

  1. oh I know—-I’ll try to get one tonight. His eyes look so big—he would look adorable in a cub scout uniform, you are right—–maybe it will make it all worthwhile…..