Every birthday Ernie takes a picture of the boys in the same spot. Leo always gets the front steps. Here he is at 1 year old:


My beautiful baby at two:


He still didn’t mind getting his picture taken when he was three:


By age four the sullen ‘NO PICTURES’ Leo had already emerged:


Age five:


Age six—look how long his legs are getting!:


Here’s the winning picture for age seven:


I’ll post today’s pictures in a bit. I need recommendations for what picture should be his official one..

I still feel horrid. Went to the doctor again. Of course they said it was just a virus and to keep up with liquids. They did give me a shot for the nausea which I think helped a bit. I gotta get over this—I have a really busy week coming up….

One thought on “Leo through the ages

  1. It has to be #1 – that expression….oh I can just see the teenager emerging….#4 is a close second and it would be nice to have the RR crossing bank in the picture…but #1 receives many votes from me.
    Take it easy – hope you feel better.
    All those pictures are darling!