I managed to stay up until a little after 8:00 last night but then I just hit a wall and went and collapsed on my bed in the dark. Owen cheerfully trotted in, got himself ready for bed and laid down next to me to sing lullabies. At first after each one I would tell him how wonderful it was but then he pointed out that I wasn’t supposed to talk after them because if it was working it would make me go to sleep. So after the next one we both just laid there in silence and drifted off. The makers of Ambien should watch out for Owen.

The lyrics mostly consist of ‘go to sleep mommy’ and ‘lullabye, lullabye’ sung at the end. (over the weekend he did manage to rhyme ‘weekend’ with ‘sleeping’…. “you’ll be sleep-EN on the weekENd”). However he manages a few other lines about how ‘you would not believe how much I love her’ and ‘her eyes are like fireflies’ and then his piece de resistance: “her eyes are like sprinkle doughnuts…flying in the sky”.

2 thoughts on “Lullabies

  1. That is so sweet.
    I just had to say something because I don’t get that so much lately. I did tear up when I went to the South Side School open house and on Will’s “About Me” poster he said his hero was “My Dad”, though.
    Hope you feel better soon.