Well, I’m actually considering attending something at our hospital called ‘Women at Midlife 2006″. It’s making me a bit giggly. However a couple of the talks could be helpful. Most likely not—these things usually aren’t…..but you never know. O.K., I guess I’ll skip the first one entitled “Anti-Aging and Preventive Plastic Surgery” but the next two: “Sandwiched and Stressed: Midlife Superwomen Caring for Multiple Generations” is relatively apt (well not the superwoman part) and God help me but “Estate Planning, Health Care Directives, and the Special Needs of the Sandwich Generation” could be useful.

Hell, I’m 44, I guess this is midlife. I still have problems realizing I’m a grown up so this does throw me a bit. The last couple of years have definitely aged me however. The problem is that it is the same week as the week my sister from Boston will be visiting. I already have to be out on Wednesday for an awards dinner for my boss (I am thinking free babysitter though!) and this would be the evening before and she’s only going to be here five evenings I think. Well, she probably is more interested in spending time with the boys than Ernie and me anyway. Not that I’m offended—we’re o.k. but the boys are VERY entertaining. I don’t know. Can’t make up my mind about it…..

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