Yesterday Leo told me it was the worst day of his life ever. He actually tells me that quite often. It’s not like it’s EASY being Leo. He said he hadn’t had fun in days. Then he said he hadn’t had fun in fourteen years. Then he got REALLY mad at us for giggling.

The boys accompanied me to Lenscrafters to help me pick out glasses. Leo just laid on a bench in misery because of the past fourteen years of his seven year life. Owen however, was WAY into it. He’d pick out a pair and said, “here, try this Mommy,”. Then he’d tip his head and consider. Sometimes he’d say I looked beautiful and sometimes he’d wrinkle up his whole face and wave his little hand and say in distaste, “No, I don’t like that”. We get to go pick up the ones we picked tonight—–he’s VERY excited. I hope he thinks I look beautiful….