1. I know it’s a cliche—-but why is it that the ONLY time Owen remembers to flush the toilet is when I’m in the shower?

2. I think Ernie is getting tired of me being sick and going to bed before the boys every night. Poor guy. I doubt tonight will be any different. The upside for me is that Owen sometimes sings my lullabies.

3. I did manage to eat a little bit more than just the broth in my soup for lunch today.

4. The other day Leo was over at my folks’ house by himself as Owen was home with me while Ernie did shopping for them. He chatted to my mother the whole time—told her about his party, what each kid gave him, what order the kids left the party, etc. It’s nice for him to have some one on one time. When Owen is there he can sometimes take over a little bit. I have to remember to plan some visits for them alone. Ernie said Leo went out to the deck and talked to my Dad for awhile and when they got ready to leave Leo said to Ernie, “Did you know Grandpa went to CHINA?” with a look of awe in his eyes. It really almost made me cry. I know how much my father wants to impart some of his life to the boys and I have so hoped that the boys would be old enough to take some of that in before my father is too old to share it. So even though it was just that little bit I was really thrilled. I have to remember to tell my Dad that he impressed Leo. God knows that’s not an easy feat.