My sister Debbie is here this week and has been absolutely fantastic doing things for and with my parents. On one hand I’m sorry to have her here a week when I’m not feeling great, on the other hand it is the perfect week to have her here and not have to worry about my folks.

My parasites are not going down without a fight. I think I was a bit too optimistic the other day. I DO feel better but it comes and goes. Yesterday I took the afternoon off and after a quick nap we ALL went to the pumpkin patch in Arthur. Yes—–my mother in a wheelchair and my father in a walker—two cars of us. I think they had a good time. It’s hard to tell sometimes with my father but I think he did.

I spent way too much on pumpkins and mums—they have such amazing different kinds though….

Here’s a picture from their website as I didn’t take very many pictures other than the guys. Of course I had planned to get a picture of all of us together—did I remember??? Of course not. Oh well.


Owen picking out his pumpkin:


my sweet peas in a maze:


cats have always loved my Dad:


Leo showing off a pumpkin to my Mom and my sister:


Squash boy:


Leo picking out his pumpkin: