1.  ARGH.  I just wrote a long post and lost it.  grrrr.

2.  Man, have I been dull lately.  Feeling lousy really impacts your sense of humor.  My poor family.  I’m going to the doctor today—-perhaps he’ll reassure me that I’ll be myself someday soon…

3.  Ernie’s doing an antique show out of town this weekend.  I’m so jealous even though they are long days and a lot of work.  It will be good for him to have a chance to get away though—–and spend some time with antiques and adults.

4.  The Vertebrats reunion continues to reverberarte with all of us I think.  Sasha mentioned in an email to me, "I think I’m going through Vertebrats withdrawal.  But on the positive side, the song "Try Try Again" is awful handy for pottytraining."  Something we never imagined in our Vertebrat days, huh?

It’s been reassuring to realize that we are all as we once were in many ways—despite the differences of time.  In other words…..Jimmy is still Jimmy….


5.  Lately I’ve worked quite a few long days and I MISS MY FAMILY.  I realize in other places I might be spending that time driving or working late regularly.  That’s why I’ll never be particularly successful because I always put my family and personal life first.  I’ve made my peace with it and the last  few years have just reinforced that view.   Having spent so much time in hospitals and with doctors in the last few years I’m somewhat obsessed with the long hours some of them work.  I know they have young kids—what are they thinking?  I guess I just miss my boy right now.  Leo looks so beautiful with his new haircut and Owen sang me a lullabye about flying doughnuts last night.  Leo’s got a cold and not feeling well…..I hope he doesn’t miss his field trip today….

6.  Still no sign of Big Mercy.  Leaves coming down like crazy….Big Mercy just rocks helplessly up there in the branches….sigh….