1. We had to scrape our windshield this morning. ugh. Ernie and Owen also had to drive me to work as we’re down to one van. I thought I might murder Owen. He doesn’t like to get dressed in the morning. Good God. How does Ernie get through the day? At least he’s cute (Owen that is….well, Ernie is too).

2. Ernie came home from the Cub Scout meeting with Leo and said, “Are you aware that a parent has to be with him for all these events?” Uh, yeah, Ernie…..that’s why I thought this would be such a nice father/son kind of thing.

3. Leo wrote all his thank you notes for his birthday party last night. A little late but I was proud of him just the same.

4. Last night Owen fell asleep on my lap and then Dee Dee crawled up and fell asleep too. Two little blonde babies….

5. The whole family was rather grumpy yesterday evening. Hopefully this evening will go more smoothly. At least I get to watch Gilmore Girls. God help the boy that interrupts that….

6. No more antibiotics—I’m done!! I’m supposed to wait 1-3 days before having a glass of wine. I wonder if I should just TRY a little tonight…….

7. I started a blog for my job…it’s at http://www.japanhouse.typepad.com.

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