Well, I am….the tiredest girl in America, I mean. I can’t complain too much however as I AM feeling better and actually ate real food all day today! Long day today and work thing this evening, tomorrow is long day at work and work thing in the evening, Saturday is long day at work and work dinner. Sunday morning is church and Mom and Dad stuff, and Sunday at noon is the neighborhood picnic. I’m thinking a nap immediately following…and I may stay asleep until Monday morning….

My boys are all sweet peas but I’m too tired to post more. Beautiful moon tonight. And there’s nothing like morning glories in October…when they stay open all day and into the evening…. They aren’t kidding when they call them “Heavenly Blue”


They took forever to bloom this year but they are always worth the wait


good night

oh—and I forgot to say that Ernie had a wonderful dinner made for me when I got home tonight. I love you Ernie…..even if you swear in front of the boys all the time. At least they’ll know how to use the words appropriately.