Here is Bob in a rare pose which doesn’t include Owen. Owen adores Bob and carts him around non stop. Bob generally just has a resigned look on his face and allows himself to be stuffed in boxes, wrapped in blankets, etc. He’s a very good little guy…..


Here is a picture of Owen admiring his beloved Bob….


6 thoughts on “Bob

  1. Hi Bob.
    I’m a Manx kitty also. You sure are a cute little guy. I am a black and white tuxedo girl who is only 5 1/2 pounds full grown. Come by and visit me sometime.

  2. Possibly even scarier is when the little brother is the big brother’s mini-me! That’s what I’ve got.
    I can imagine worse than having 2 Ernies around.
    Actually, I can imagine worse than 2 of my older sons around too.
    So I’ll just be quiet now.

  3. Oh how funny—-Owen copies Leo once in awhile but they are generally SO different than I can’t imagine a mini-me of Leo. He has such a um, large, personality that one of him is plenty! But as you said, having two Ernies around is nothing to complain about!!