Ahhhhh, it’s well worth going in early the rest of the week and taking short lunches….just so I can come home at noon on Friday.  Ernie, Owen and I did some couch shopping and then the guys went to a friend’s house for awhile so Ernie and I again trekked down to Huber’s for a drink and some peanuts and chance to talk JUST TO EACH OTHER for an hour before the guys came home. 
I’ve felt off kilter this week but don’t know why–or maybe I do.  A good friend is facing serious surgery for her husband because of his cancer and two people I know are going through prostate cancer scares.  I have my fingers crossed for them but I think it does bring a lot of angst back.  It was a tough time when Ernie was diagnosed.  I’ll never forget crying in my friend Ann’s arms in her office at the museum.  That was the lowest point for me.  And things are so good now—it’s funny how these worries about other people dredge it all up.
Anyway—we are going to do some couch shopping up around Chicago tomorrow I think and then a trip to Ikea just so the boys can play in their kid’s play area—they’ve been talking about it constantly….  Who am I to withhold such treats from them?
Leo came home with some great Bill Traylor-esque artwork today.  I think I’m going to have to frame it.  Owen sang along with his favorite power pop songs in the van.  He told me all about how one song was about a girl that didn’t love a guy.  Then he leaned forward and confided, "I think maybe they’re back together though….I think maybe she’s at his house for dinner right now!".  My Owen has such a soft heart.  I worry about how many times it will be broken.
He really is a bit obsessed with Adam Schmitt’s Speed Kills song.  He wants to meet him.  I suggested that he could sing it for him and he said no, but that he might sing it WITH him.  Then he explained that he wouldn’t sing onstage because that might make him a little shy—but he did specifiy what shirt he would wear……
Ernie’s off at the store buying a turkey.  I’m remarkably uninspired by what is usually my favorite holiday.  I’ll go get all my magazines and see if they help. 
In other news my mother has agreed to a tour of an assisted living place—-of course only the cheapest one….but it’s still a step.  And I also managed to get us both haircut appointments….yay!!!!  Small, easily achievable goals….definitely the way to go…….