I got home late last night after a semi-crummy day. The boys’ energy level was the exact inverse of mine. I really tried to be patient but I finally excused myself to go change clothes and went upstairs with a glass of wine and obsessively watched Klaus Nomi videos on youtube. This was reportedly his last performance before he died of AIDS. Enlarge it to the full size but don’t watch it if you’re tired, grumpy and worried about your parents and your friend Margaret and her husband, etc, etc…..or you know, your version of those worries.

Then I ordered a dvd of a movie about him and went back downstairs. I was too tired to battle with Owen over bedtime so let him fall asleep on the couch (wrong thing to do I know, I know). Ernie put Leo to bed while I tried to fix dinner. When my spaghetti squash was still rockhard at 9:30 I gave up and we had cheese and crackers for dinner and watched Top Chef.

I’m glad it’s Thursday but the weekend looms large and full of parent stuff. I want to have them over to see the new cats and just because they haven’t been to our house in ages. I also need to take mom to get a haircut and she said she needs to go clothes shopping. Debbie was going to take her when she was here…but my mother didn’t FEEL like it then. Then of course I also have to take Dad to church and do the shopping and I told myself I was going to clean their house some. O.K. I’m whining. I admit it. I’m whining because my weekend will be nothing but all that and what I really want to do is go to The Park with No Toys with the boys and then go to Fries and Peanuts. grrr. I know I shouldn’t complain…I just can’t believe how fast time fills up. Perhaps if I go watch Klaus Nomi again it will put it all in perspective for me.

I’m going to see if I can take off next Thursday from work and attend a conference on Alzheimer’s. It would sure be easier not to but it might be helpful. I’ve always been good at denial (you can hear my sister Judi laughing right now) and sometimes I just don’t want to hear or read about Alzheimer’s….but this might be good. Hopefully my boss will be o.k. with it.

O.K. I’m going to go watch Klaus Nomi again.

oh….here’s the trailor for the movie I orderd: