O.K., I guess I have recovered from the weekend. There were some amusing moments yesterday, like when I was trapped in the back of the minivan (I get a bit claustrophobic too) and could see Ernie closing the van door on my father’s hand……I’m screaming and Ernie just ignores me. huh. Oh well, my dad’s hand was o.k. I guess that’s not really amusing but it sure seemed so at the time.

So—-I just got off the phone with my mother and my father HATED the place yesterday. Not a big surprise. He thinks another place that is downtown sounds much better. I don’t know that much about it though—anyone know anything about the Inman? Mostly they just want to stay in their house—which is an option as long as they get some help because we just can’t manage it all. So we’ll see.

I have a research project I’m doing for extra money and I need to work madly on it this week so I better go even though I’m just in the mood to ramble on here……