1. Leo came home quite happy from Cub Scouts. They made a food pyramid out of cut up pictures of food. A food pyramid in Cub Scouts? It’s just not what I imagined…… Of course I’m a girl and was a Brownie drop out to boot so what do I know?

2. As much as Leo complains that he doesn’t love his brother (in his opinion it’s Owen’s fault that he doesn’t love him because Owen hits him and that makes him not love him. It’s always difficult to argue with Leo) last night he asked if we were sure brothers couldn’t come to Cub Scouts….

3. This morning when Owen woke up he told me that when we went camping with Sophie that he wanted Aunt Judi and Aunt Debbie to come with us. I told him I wasn’t quite sure that would work but it was a great idea.

4. Gotta go pick up my mother’s medication for our family parasite after work. Still want to have my Dad tested.

5. New Gilmore Girls tonight. Even if it’s not as good as it used to be…it’s still Gilmore Girls.

6. I miss my guys…..even if the will drive me nuts about five minutes after I get home….