1. Stayed up late (for me) last night to watch George Jones sing He Stopped Loving Her Today on the Letterman show. He’s sounding pretty ragged but it’s still an amazing song…

2. Had a nice time with Owen and Bob while Ernie and Leo were at Cub Scouts. We tend to do everything as a family so I don’t always spend enough time with the guys one on one. Owen is very good company. He’s very enthusiastic about watching cooking shows with me too.

3. By the way—-that damn helicopter, Big Mercy, is STILL in the tree. All the leaves are down, we’ve had tons of wind and it just dangles up there as though it’s mocking us.

4. Leo’s already working on designs for his soapbox derby car or whatever you call it….

5. Got information on one of the assisted living places my mother was interested in and of course it was way more expensive than I was thinking. I’m going to wait for information on one of the others to come in before I talk to my mother about it. sigh.

6. Cross your fingers but I THINK Leo is going to go to Chess Club tomorrow….

7. Our couch in the media room has died. I mean, it’s over. All the stuffing is coming out. It’s time. So of course I’m obsessing about couches. At what point do you hit good quality? I mean if I buy a $1,000 couch is it any better than a $600 couch? Or is the $2,500 one I want but can’t afford from Room and Board any better? I’m clueless. But each day bits of couch stuffing get spread further and further throughout the house…..

8. I’ve been lax about getting my mother into the hairdresser and now I couldn’t get an appointment on this Friday and next Friday is the day after Thanksgiving and I’m not sure what we’re doing. I really can’t ask Ernie to take my mother to get her hair cut. He takes my father already. argh. Why don’t I stay on top of these things?

9. I haven’t planned my Thanksgiving meal at all. This is SO unlike me. I always get all the cooking magazines for November and obsess over it. I do have all the magazines but haven’t managed to focus on it. Had a new recipe for brussels sprouts but I tried it and it was unimpressive….we’ll see. For now I need to figure out what I’m going to do with the duck breasts I bought the other day. I went to World Harvest after a couple of glasses of wine….what a bad, bad idea. I bought all SORTS of things and spent a fortune…..

One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Couch tip: Be sure to consider whether it is built well enough that children can stand on the arms and jump up and down without breaking either it or themselves 🙂 We got a big fabulous Sealy purple velvet (yet easy clean – also mega important) couch for I dunno maybe $1500, a few years ago and I totally agree with Stephanie…er Oprah 😉