1.The other day we were driving somewhere and we were all feeling good.   We passed some Christmas lights and Owen couldn’t take it anymore and flung out his arms and yelled "I LOVE YOU WORLD!".  Isn’t that wonderful?  It almost makes me feel that way.
2. Ernie played Owen a Three O’Clock  song last night that has always irritated me.  Owen sang it all evening.  Damn jetfighter song.
3.We’ve got an appointment to take a tour of the Inman on Friday afternoon.  We’ll see.
4.  I stopped at my parents to drop off a picture of my father for some alzheimer’s alert database thing.  When I went in it was about 2:30 and they were just eating lunch.  My mother was  complaining forcefully about the soup.  They eat Campbell’s Chicken Noodle soup every single day for lunch.  They LOVE the stuff.  When I shop for them cashiers often comment on how much Chicken Noodle soup I’m buying. Well, my Dad must have added about three cans of water to the soup today as they both had huge bowls—no way that all came from one can of soup and one can of water.  My mother is still against Meals on Wheels but if he can’t manage Campbell’s soup then I think we have just a teeny, tiny, little problem….. 
5.  I set the alarm for 5 am this morning so I could get up early to work.  Well, that sure didn’t happen.  I’ve told Ernie to try harder at waking me up tomorrow.
6.  I paid an outrageous amount of money for a copy of the Yellow Pills cd that has Owen’s favorite Adam Schmitt (Speed Killls) song on it.  All we had was a cheap prerecorded cassette tape and it was starting to wear out.  It was worth the money—my guy was so happy.  Periodically he’ll come up and say, "Mom, I want to tell you something" and when I ask what, he says, "I love you and thank you for busying me the cd with the doot doot song on it". 
7.  Leo and I have started reading Harry Potter at night.  I had bought it when I bought some of the Magic Treehouse books but for some reason he was deadset against it.  One time I tried reading it and he just plugged his ears.  My little curmudgeon.   Evidently he has changed his mind however and we’re on the second night of it.  The best part for me is always when he puts his little bookmark in.  Well, partially because it’s over and they’re going to bed (!!) but there’s something about the careful, yet excited way he does it that just gets to me.  I love that feeling when you have a good book ahead of you and I think I can see him feeling that way which makes me so happy.
8.  A new Gilmore Girls tonight—woo-hoo.  Whenever I put it on  Owen says, "Mom, is that your Lorelei show?"  Yup Owen, that’s Mommy’s Lorelei show.  Now on the other hand, the news is what they identify with Ernie.  If we’re out somewhere and there a tv with news on it they always point it out to their father so he can watch it.  Very thoughtful boys they are (well, most of the time anyway).

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