I’m so glad it’s the weekend….it was a long week for some reason. I only work until noon on most Fridays so I came home, had lunch and hung out with Ernie and Owen until we went to pick up Leo from school. Leo’s friend invited them over to play so we a little time without kids. What did we do? Something productive perhaps??? No, we meandered down to our little neighborhood bar and snuck in a drink and a couple of peanuts…


by the way—I don’t think he was threatening me with that fist….

Then we lazily meandered home and took some pictures of our garden. My nasturtiums hung on through all the first frosts but the heavy frost the night before finally did them in. My yard is now officially in fall mode. I love Autumn Joy Sedum….





I think we’re trying to go to a park in a little while although it’s awfully grey out. Leo wants to go play at McDonald’s. uh uh. I think either Meadowbrook Park or The Park with No Toys (Allerton) would be the thing to do. I feel as though I lost out on all the fall weekends from that stupid parasite. Oh—and speaking of parasites……my mother has Giardia!!!!! We finally got the test results back from the public health department. I’m actually relieved as this explains some weird symptoms she’s had. Her symptoms have been somewhat different from mine so we weren’t sure. Owen came back clean. My mother came down with it after me so I’m the one that infected her I guess…..where the hell did I get it is the question…..

I decided to be selfish and not do everything I should this weekend. Tomorrow we’re going to bring my parents over here for lunch and next weekend I’ll tackle the shopping and haircuts. I think I’ll make a bach of ratatouille for lunch tomorrow. But today….hopefully just some nice time hanging out with my guys…..

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