Me:  Owen, I can’t FIND your firefighter shoes.  Just wear these shoes—we have to go, we’re running late.
Owen:  NO, I don’t want those shoes
Me:  I bet Adam Schmitt wears shoes just like these—they’re really cool…
Owen:  No he does not
Me:  He does too—I’ve SEEN him wear shoes like these
Owen:  oKAY
Later in the day he started crying because the shoes were hurting his feet and I did feel a bit guilty so I let him walk all over Ikea in his socks…..

One thought on “Things I never thought I’d say…

  1. Coincidentally, I had a very similar conversation (with a Farmboy who shall remain nameless) while trying to get ready for a gig 22 years ago.
    Except I said, “Kimberly Rew wears shoes like this.”