Well, this morning started with the phone ringing at 7:15 in the morning….my aunt in New York saying she couldn’t get hold of my parents and was worried. They leave their phone off the hook on a regular basis so once I heard that my adrenalin stopped rushing. I managed to get hold of them and they were fine. Busy day overall BUT the big news is that Leo joined Chess Club and had a wonderful time. It’s so hard for him to do things like that so it’s such a victory when he does. Owen called me at work in the afternoon to tell me…..”Guess what happened today Mommy? Leo JOINED CHESS CLUB…..I’M NOT EVEN KIDDING”. Owen is so smart about people. He was happy for his brother and he knew we would be happy. My sweet peas.

I let Owen eat cookies for dinner. I’m weak but he needed a treat. Ernie and Leo were playing chess and I was on the computer and Owen’s little shoulders slumped and he said “I don’t get to do anything. They won’t play chess with me and you won’t let me play Dr. Suess on the ‘puter.” He was so sad and as the youngest child myself I just knew exactly how he felt. Sometimes all the big people are busy doing things that you can’t. He sadly looked up at me and said, ‘there’s something I want to do but you won’t let me”. I asked him what it was and he somberly replied, “make sticker cookies”…..so I looked at his sad little face and said “let’s go turn on the oven.” He was so excited. We made sticker cookies and then curled up and watched a cooking show together (which he chose over a cartoon) while the big guys finished their chess game. It’s not always easy being the youngest and he is my sweet pea.

Thursday is Ernie’s hell day. Bring Owen to preschool, go to my parents and take my Dad to get a haircut, to the bank and to get something notarized. Then pick up Owen from preschool and take Owen on a playdate (which he has to stay at….) then leave and pick up Leo from school and most likely have his friends over for a playdate. As a treat we were going out with our friends afterwards but they had to cancel. I think we might keep the babysitter and just go out for a drink ourselves.

The wind is shaking the house but that damn helicopter is still in the tree……

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