I was phenomenally tired yesterday. I’d woken at 4:30 and got up at 5 a.m. to do some work. We went to my folks after work and put their Christmas tree up and got the lights on it. I’ll let Dad to the ornaments. Mom kept saying she didn’t really care if they had a tree, we just got it because my Dad wanted it, but she got more and more excited about it as we got it up and it started to be covered in lights. I was cross with my children because they wanted to sit in the kitchen and watch a cartoon instead of helping. No way guys. My mother NEVER interferes with the guys but she did finally stick her tongue out at me while the boys weren’t looking so I guess I was being too cross. Later I told Leo that Grandma had stuck her tongue out at me—-you should have seen his look of shock and the little smile. It’s good to have a grandma always on your side I guess.

Anyway—they were incredibly generous and gave us some of their Christmas ornaments. They let the boys pick some. Leo’s choice was a plain red ball and Owen’s was a University of Utah ornament from when my sister taught there. “Are you sure those are the ones you want boys?” my mother asked in a puzzled voice. Why should she be surprised? Leo is the child who, when allowed to pick any sheets he wanted from Target for his first bed, picked brown sheets. Yup, brown. He still has them. He loves them. Then they got into it however and starting picking out Santas and all sort of other things. I went home and collapsed. I can’t believe I’m having a party this week. Hopefully candlight and christmas lights will hide the dirt….