I am pleasantly tired this morning after a wonderful party. I hope everyone else enjoyed it as much as I did but that may not be reasonable because I love giving parties. I’m not the best at attending them but I love giving them. Thanks to everyone that came—it was a great group. David, Pat and Diane—you guys are crazy for driving all that way and I am so thrilled you did! Amazing how many old friends (and I’m talking 25 years at this point) were there and how many great new friends. Leo and Owen are still glowing this morning…..and I LOVE MY NEW COUCH AND CHAIR!!! The movers called around 8:00 to say they were on our street. So I went into the living room and said “everybody stand up, my couch is coming”. It was pretty entertaining! Also, a seventy foot semi is quite a sight on our little street… Thanks to Becca for taking pictures but she didn’t get a good enough shot of the really cute driver. Oh well.



Here are the kids checking it out:


I can hear the boys playing downstairs. Owen just said, “hey Leo, look at my butt” and Leo said, “wow”. Sometimes I just don’t want to know.

Anyway—I wish I’d taken pictures earlier in the evening but here’s is one at the very end……


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