I forgot to mention that my sister took my folks out for drinks and appetizers at Jim Gould’s. My mother has been wanting to go there and frankly we can’t afford to take them! Judi and my mom split a bottle of wine, my dad had coffee and rambled about WWII and the captain he hated, and they split three appetizers. Judi said the crab cakes with mango corn salsa were wonderful, as was the smoked salmon/cucumber one (stuffed mushrooms were o.k.ish). The thing that was disappointing was the service. She said as she was trying to shepherd my mother in her wheelchair and my father with his cane into the restaurant the two people at the front just stood and watched her. She said it was obvious that she was struggling with the wheelchair and the door and yet they just stood there watching and made absolutely no attempt to even hold the door. Now maybe they weren’t thrilled to see a couple of elderly people coming in but my sister should certainly have looked upscale and monied enough for them…… She said in general there was just absolutely no warmth to the service. I wouldn’t say a word to my mother because she had a wonderful time but I was disappointed to hear it. Certainly I’ve heard plenty of negative things but still hoped for the best….

One thought on “Jim Gould comment

  1. How awful, about the service and the unhelpful attitude generally. I’ve actually had pretty good service there, but lunch and dinner foods have been disappointing. I still maintain that breakfast is the way to go. We had breakfast there again the other day and it was wonderful — and very reasonable. I’ve not had any of the benedicts (not a big fan of hollandaise), but regular old bacon and eggs and potatoes, with giant, wonderful Wolferman’s English muffins ($5.75) were a standout.