O.K., in an effort to post something more cheerful, here is a picture of the guys making their first candy purchase at the candy window at Huber’s, a neighborhood tradition!


Now onto the rest of my life…..my mother is not coming home today. Hopefully tomorrow. Hopefully is actually a pale word for how much I want her to come home tomorrow. We did o.k. with my dad overnight, although he did get up at 4:00 a.m. this morning so we had to get up and turn on lights for him and turn up the heat. He wander around in his coat and gloves because he’s cold (even though we’ve cranked the heat up) and it makes me nervous he’s going to try to leave. In fact last night he asked me how far the hospital was and when I told him a couple of miles he said, “oh good, that will be no problem for me to walk”. I took him to visit Mom yesterday evening and I’m afraid to drop him off and then go park so he had to walk the whole way with me as he refused a wheelchair. Oh my, life is interesting. We don’t like to leave him alone so it’s hard to do anything as a family. I’m thinking this afternoon we’ll take him to see Charlotte’s Web at the movie theater….he’ll sleep through it but at least I’ll know where he is.

More prayers and crossed fingers pleased……