Mrs. Chicken from Chicken and Cheese has tagged me for my first meme. This is a tough one too—-five things you don’t know about me…..tough because I spill things here all the time….what’s left? I’ve already confessed that I used to have a crush on Pete Seeger.

O.K… goes:

1. I once kissed David Lee Roth. I still have a soft spot for him too despite his scariness. My mother and I used to listen to Ice Cream Man together when I was in high school. The night I met him I told him that my mother was a big fan of his and he said, ‘Your mother?, well give your mother this…..” and proceeded to kiss me rather thoroughly. He’s tall.

2. Speaking of kissing, the night I met Ernie—-I was all of 18—-at a post-Mabels party, we ended up kissing in the middle of the party. Not something I did on a regular basis. You might say it was an instant attraction. I think the band Poison Squirrel had played that night. You could tell they weren’t used to doing three sets (remember the days of three sets?) because they had to replay several songs at the end of the night. The party was at 404 Busey in Urbana. I drive by it every so often.

3. I’ve collected 19th century pressed glass since I was twelve. My first job was working in an antique shop.

4. The first record I ever bought was Captain and Tenille. I usually lie and tell people it was Elton John’s first greatest hits album. That was actually the second album I bought. I was 13.

5. When I was in high school one of my favorite snacks was corn flakes tossed with a little melted butter a la popcorn. I stopped when I realized the melted butter thing probably wasn’t so great for me but it was really good. Really good.

O.K…..guess I get to tag a couple of people. How about Stephanie from About the Girl and V’ron from The Sixth Station?

3 thoughts on “My first meme

  1. I have a soft spot for Diamond Dave too! When I met him he was so nice and subdued. Not at all what you see him like in interviews. I remember that Graham asked him “So–do you have a girlfriend?” And Dave replied–“No–You can’t make love over a telephone baby.”

  2. OK, I’ll play too. Today’s my birthday, so that might be fun. Give me a little time to think this up.
    In the meantime, I met ol Dave too! I had an internship at WLUP-FM in Chicago, and he was there. Very nice, obnoxious guy, but outgoing and friendly!
    My mom liked him too! Him and Rod Stewart. “Well look at him, Veronica. THAT’s whatcha call a showman!”