Well, we got Leo’s retake of his school picture back and it’s not too bad! He doesn’t look nearly as beautiful as he is BUT it’s not too bad. I wrote in big letters on the picture form “HE DOESN’T HAVE TO SMILE IF HE DOESN’T WANT TO!” because that’s what causes the problem. Here’s my sweet pea:


So last night we had dinner at Fries and Peanuts in the midst of some sort of wake for George Chin. Owen’s dinnertime commentary:

Owen: There are FOUR Bobs

Me: Four Bobs?

Owen: There’s the rock and roll Bob Daddy told me about….

Me: You mean Bob Dylan?

Owen (excitedly): Yes, that’s him! There’s Bob Dylan, Bob the cat and Bob the Dad (our friend we were eating with and evidently the cause of this Bob-mania).

Me: That’s only three….

Owen (proudly): There’s Bob Dylan, Bob the cat, Bob-Dad and…..Bob the Builder!!

Me: You are right Owen….four Bobs…..

So this morning my sister was going to take my Dad to 7:00 mass. Mom said to call them at 6:00 to make sure they were up as they sleep later than they used to. So at 6:00 I begin calling….after a few minutes the answering machine comes on so I hang up and call again…..and again…..and again….. Finally at about 6:30 after my sister has already left for their house my mother answers the phone and tells Ernie, “oh I can’t believe I slept through that……Joe said the phone’s been ringing for a long time but he couldn’t find it”. O.k…….that sounds plausible, right? until you realize that the phone is CONNECTED TO THE WALL IN THE KITCHEN…….

more anecdotes to follow….