1. It’s getting interesting trying to find things at my parents’ house. Want a cup? Try looking at the back corner of the counter where they’re lined up—forget the kitchen cupboards. Want some saltines? Try the cupboard with the pots and pans. Or odd things pop up in unexpected places—-the nineteenth century card table with photos of the boys also has a 1970s plastic tray on display. The antique candle stand in the living room has a mushroom shaped terrarium filled with dried flowers, again from the 70’s I guess. Interesting.

2. Hobby Lobby was out of the firetruck ornament that had the real metal ladder. Poor Owen.

3. Did a trial run of an appetizer for our party last night and it was disappointingly mediocre. hmmmm. Back to the drawing board I guess.

4. When I started this blog it was partially just to have a way to communicate things about the boys and my parents to my family and friends. Of course it has become much more than that as I was saying in an email to Mrs. Chicken. It’s a source of comfort—-and entertainment—-for me. What I didn’t expect was that I find myself reading so many local blogs. I guess it’s because I’m in the whatever—second, third, fourth, fifth—-generation of bloggers. I imagine early on it was different but now I find that I focus on many blogs with ties to Champaign-Urbana. I have occasionally looked at other blogs dealing with Alzheimer’s but they depress the hell out of me. The ones I have come across are most dealing with late stage Alzheimer’s and I just don’t want to go there yet. Just something I was pondering as I answered Mrs. Chicken’s question about why I started blogging.

5. One of my best friends has been dealing with her husband’s cancer. He finished his chemo and had surgery last week and the results came back as cancer free!!. Congratulations and hugs to you Margaret and Chip. Whew!!!!

6. I wonder if Uncle Mistletoe is still at the top of the tree in the Walnut Room? Marshall Field’s had given him short shrift in recent years so I don’t hold out lots of hope for Macy’s. One of my beloved Uncle Mistletoe ornaments was lost in the Great Ornament Smash of 2006. sigh.

One thought on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. I was really struggling to cope with my life when I started blogging. It turned into this incredible outlet for all the crazitude that takes up residence in my head. I was still coping with my dad’s death from cancer and it really helped me sort some of that grief into smaller buckets so it isn’t such a heavy load to carry.
    So sorry about your dad. Email me any time if you need to talk. I’m glad you found me!