1. I guess it doesn’t matter how much you try to prepare—-the week before Christmas is just always going to be crazy…..particularly when you have two boys that are so excited that their heads may pop off.

2. Yesterday they got certificates in the mail from Santa (thank you Debbie) that stated that due to good behavior they had been placed on Santa’s good list. They were screamingly excited although Leo did point out that he didn’t really understand how Owen got on the list because Owen hits him….

3. Leo has instituted Family Craft Night. He lines up chairs at the dining room table with stacks of paper in front of each one. Scissors are placed between the stacks of paper and a bin of markers and crayons is in the middle of the table. He assembles the family and tells them what they can work on that night. Last night we were allowed to draw ornaments, Christmas trees or candy canes. Then he cuts our work out and puts it on the tree.


4. Owen successfully participated in his holiday program. This was a landmark year—BOTH boys actually sang in their programs!

5. Judi gets here tonight and will be here for three days. The boys are incredibly excited. Leo is so excited that he went and found something of his own, that was special to him, and wrapped it and put it under the tree. They made cards and put bows on them and put those under the tree. I have to go buy something after work to complete their presents. I still have to get out with the guys so they can buy their presents for each other. One more thing to order online and pay some horrible expedited shipping cost and then just stocking presents….I think….

6. I’ve always done turkey or ham for Christmas dinner but I think we’re going to get a standing rib roast this year. It will be fun to try something new and now I can obsessively look for recipes….

7. Owen came home with a wrapped present from preschool that is for Ernie and me. He’s worried that if he puts it under the tree that Santa might think it is for him and take it. (This isn’t an issue with the other presents—-I guess it’s because this one is SO appealing). Therefore he’s decided that the best place for it is under the couch……

8. I’ve got more to post but better get ready for work……..