1. I had a dream that my mother called and said she was staying in the hospital and I yelled at her. Then Owen peed in the bed right through his pullup and woke me up.

2. Still waiting to hear if she will go home today but I’m feeling less hopeful. We visited her last night and she seemed very happy to be there—I think it takes the responsibility for worrying about everything off her.

3. The Lionel train, in all its glory, is working again. Ernie spent a whole dollar replacing a wire and the boys had their first experience with a hobby shop. God help me, they thought it was wonderful. Owen now wants a $90 remote control boat for his birthday….you know, for the bathtub….

4. I realize that it would be impossible for my father to live with us if something happens to my mother. It’s been a hard couple of days.

4. My husband is an absolutely wonderful man.

5. The other day the boys begged me to put the Mousetrap game they received for Christmas together. So I sat there on the floor with all the pieces getting increasingly frustrated and yelling at the boys to be quiet and stop playing with the pieces so I could work on it. There are some things that I am surprisingly bad at. Ernie finally came in and took pity on me and took over. Later he called me upstairs and said, “I don’t understand how to play this game.” I sat there and looked at the directions (novel idea) and realized that the whole point of the game is to put the damn thing together so we had just defeated the purpose of the entire game. grrr. I told Leo to make up his own rules and left.

6. We all went to see Charlotte’s Web yesterday. We all piled into the van and it immediately started beeping as though a door weren’t shut. After about 20 minutes of playing with all the doors, Ernie finally found the sensor that was stuck. The whole time my poor father was completely clueless as to what was going on and Leo kept giving instructions and Ernie was swearing. It was somewhat chaotic to say the least. So we took off rather late and got into the theatre with a line through the lobby. There were no other 82 year old men who looked like they were 102 and I began to doubt my plan. We finally got into the theater and sat down and Ernie and I loved the movie. My Dad actually stayed awake through it. I thought he was probably loving it but he said it was so-so although he liked the pig. Leo thought it deviated too much from the 1970s version we have and Owen was disappointed there were no songs. Everybody’s a critic….

7. Just got a phone call and MY MOTHER IS COMING HOME!!! Gotta go get dressed and get my father and get her!!!!! YAY!!

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