ohhhh, the BEST part of the week after Christmas (particularly this year) is that the seed catalogues start pouring in. It is SO exciting. It is unseasonably warm so I just spent an hour sitting on my porch reading seed catalogues and staring at my yard. My yard is tiny but since I never manage to do everything I want despite its size I guess it doesn’t matter. We had wonderful luck with some heirloom tomato seedlings I ordered last year from a place called Seed Savers. The ones I orderd from Burpee because I’m a sucker for their photograpy were twice as expensive and half dead….only one survived (they did refund my money).

I used to start all my plants from seed in the basement under lights, etc. but life’s too crazy for that these days and besides, the table I used is going to be the final home of the Lionel train. These days I either plant from seed outside (all my zinnia, nasturtiums and cosmos, etc) or order plants.

Look at these double cosmos from Select Seeds:


and of course I’m a sucker for zinnias (also from Select Seeds):


The best tomoto we grew last year was by far the Brandywine… Suddeth’s Strain from Seedsavers.org. They were amazing. The plants were beautiful when we got them, carefully shipped and quite inexpensive compared to other sites.


Ohhh, I can’t wait. I’m going to revamp my planting along the alleyway and turn it over to lots more herbs. I have lots of plans to make…….there is something so wonderfully positive about planning a garden…puts a lot of things into perspective…..