ugh. stomach flu. ugh. Last night was one of those nights where you start thinking, “gee, childbirth wasn’t so bad….at least you ended up with something when it was over….”. Ernie and I were both so sick this morning that we let Leo walk to school by himself for the first time ever and we just kept Owen home from school because neither one of us could face driving to Urbana.

Leo was excited but a tad nervous. Owen kept saying, “I hope you don’t get scared” and Leo would say thoughtfully, “I don’t THINK I will.” Mind you his school is practically within view of our house and there are crossing guards at every corner, but still….. He still looked very grown up and turned and waved to me until I couldn’t see him anymore.

I’m feeling a tiny bit better, at least no fever which helps. We even had a babysitter for tonight, sigh. I called my mom last night so she could sympathize, which she did, but then she reminded me that we need to either do, or take them to do, all their Christmas shopping. Great, double shopping, just what I wanted.

I think I’m fading…back to bed…..

4 thoughts on “ugh

  1. Oh. I felt so nad for you last night. I had that same feeling last year when we had the stomach bug twice in two weeks. The first time, Mr. Chicken was away. Hope you are on the mend.