Somebody at my party must have brought a nasty germ as their conribution as I woke up to the sounds of Owen vomiting. I got him cleaned up and snuggled into bed with me and as I lay there I slowly realized I didn’t feel so hot either. Today was my day with nonstop activities too. Oh well. Ernie the wonderful drove my Dad to church (he stops short at going to church with him but happily drives him and picks him up) and did their grocery shopping. Now he and Leo have gone off to the Cub Scout party. I’m so sad though because we were all supposed to go to Sohie’s Christmas concert this evening. I think Ernie and Leo will go which is a tribute to Sophie as I don’t know the last time Ernie has set foot in a church!

Oh well. I am feeling a little better now but I think I’m going to go curl up on the couch with Owen and watch a couple of episodes of Jimmy Neutron….