2006 kind of petered out…..New Year’s Eve is never my favorite holiday and I compounded it by being exhausted and making some bad food. However 2007 started out well with a wonderful brunch with friends and a lazy afternoon and evening in front of the fireplace. Judi and I also made garlic and sage flavored popcorn out of a new cookbook and it was wonderful—I must post the recipe. The evening ended with with an impromptu post Christmas play (see clip below) performed mostly by Owen although Leo was very involved in creating the stage with dining room chairs and directing….

As I try to update my new calendar with appointments, etc. I found a list of appointments for my Dad which included an appointment with the neurologist on December 20th. I called my mom (as she has kept track of all their appointments) and she blithely informed me that she had canceled it. When I asked her why she said because she hadn’t felt well that day and it was a day that Judi was going to take her shopping. Yes, that’s right, she could have had my sister take my father to the neurologist and she canceled it without telling us. I feel the need for capital letters or exclamation points but somehow I’m too worn down. If I think about it I will get really pissed so I just need to not think about it, right? She rescheduled for February….

I don’t normally make New Year’s resolutions and this year I am definitely not…just want to make it through the year…..AND finally put in a new kitchen floor. We’ve only been without an intact floor for about two years now.

I think having my sister here, as well as having my father with us, makes me realize how bad things are for my folks. I wish I had the answers. I hate to begin the New Year in a negative state but I must admit I have felt overwhelmed with stress lately. That old pressure in my chest in the middle of the night is back. If I tell the doctor he’ll just tell me to up the antidepressants though. I don’t want to do that though. They make me sleepy even if my doctor tells me they don’t…. so I need to just focus on thinking about my garden plans when I wake up in the night….

On a brighter note—-look at these great shots of the guys playing pool at Fries and Peanuts. Thanks to Kurt for the pictures….and all the best wishes to the happiest of newlyweds, Kurt and Sheena!



oh, and this one of Sophie that same evening—it’s a marvelous picture of her:


Speaking of Sophie, she and Owen have become partners in crime….poor Bob the cat. They chase after him, trade him back and forth and do things like put him in a picnic basket and sit on it. Bob keeps coming back for more though so I’ve given up protesting. He does escape to the basement sometimes so yesterday at one point Owen and Sophie sat at the top of the basement stairs with plates of brownies and cheese-its going down the steps, hoping they would lure Bob up. Poor Bob.