My mother just called and tearfully told Ernie that my father had gone out to empty the trash and hadn’t come back for over half an hour. He told her he’d be right there and ran to put his shoes on. She called again a minute later and said for Ernie not to come, that Dad was back in. She was crying and apologetic. I tried to reassure her and then I poured a glass of wine.

I talked to Dad today after mass. He was teary again talking about the lost sailors from his sister ship, etc. I asked him if he would like to talk to the priest about this and he sort of said o.k. but I’m not sure he was sold on it. I talked to mom and asked her to follow up. It was kind of a hard morning. He just seems so tiny sitting next to me now and I was worried about him in the snow.

Speaking of snow however, we had a wonderful snowball fight this afternoon…..I guess things balance out, huh?










One thought on “adrenaline….

  1. Yesterday, my boys had a snowball fight too! It got a little out of hand when they started peeing into the snowball and then throwing it though…..Awwww–my boys….