Ernie read my last post and reprimanded me for worrying so much. He just does not understand how important he is. That being said I’m trying to not to be so anxious. In other news Owen had to bravely withstand getting four shots at his five year check up. He proudly wore his little bandaids like some kind of military ribbons. Leo brought home a wonderful report card and seemed very proud of it. Leo is usually opposed to praise (I know, I know) but this time he let me tell him how proud I was and he seemed delighted. Whew!

The big excitement however is the new Lionel freight car that Debbie sent…..which includes “flickering lights, smoke, screeching and crew dialog of a “hot box” emergency.” When the smoke started to fill the dining room Leo yelled, “just like Mom’s cooking!”. Gheesh.

2 thoughts on “O.K., O.K., O.K….

  1. Love ya all! Okay, no stops at the Esquire tomorrow….drive directly home and post that psa level on your blog and call me….you really need to have a cell phone!