I’ve got to figure out Sundays. I’m trying to keep the first part of my Sunday, which is taking my Dad to church and shopping, etc., in perspective. Some days are easier than others but it’s o.k. Somehow, when I get home I think everyone is going to be absolutely thrilled to see me and proud of me for taking care of my parents. Instead they are just doing their thing which involves being cranky sometimes. So I get cranky and sad and that makes Ernie cranky and sad and that makes the boys continue their crankiness and then I start dreading going to work the next moring because my last job was so awful that I realize that I have built up a phobia about going to work even though when I DO go to my job I remember that, ‘oh yeah, I like this job’ but by then Sunday is over.

Do you see my problem?

So maybe we need to start planning something for Sunday afternoons. I don’t know.

My friend Eileen has tempted me with going up to see HER as well as Kieran Kane and Kevin Welch. I would LOVE to go—we haven’t seen them since before Leo was born God help me. But as I sit here trying to figure out the logistics I remember that my parents’ 55th anniversary is on Friday and we were going to try to have the home health care person come out that afternoon and the boys’ second session of Saturday Art School is on Saturday morning. I know they’ll miss a session or two but I hate to have them miss their second one. So I’m in a quandry and kind of sad. That and my eyes are running and I think I may be getting a cold.

Anyway…..Ernie cleaned out a couple of dresser drawers in Owen’s room. He put a bunch of clothes in the give away pile. When I saw them I gasped and went over and grabbed the little yellow fleece sleeper that Owen is wearing in this picture:


I sat there and hugged it and said “OHHHHHHH, remember when Owen would wear this?” and just then from the other room came Owen’s voice growling “WHERE ARE MY CHEERIO’S? I WANT THEM NOW”. The timing was perfect…. Ernie and couldn’t stop laughing which just annoyed his highness even more…..and boy does he hate it when I call him “his highness”…..