January 17th is an important date. It was on this very day some TWENTY-SIX years ago in 1981 that I finally gave up waiting for the tall, blonde guy from Record Service to talk to me and went up and introduced myself to him. He’d been giving me the nod for several weeks whenever we were at the same shows at Mabel’s or when I bought a record from him. He was-and is-a lousy flirt (not a bad trait for a husband of course) however so one night at an after hours party I went up and said, “Isn’t it about time we knew each other’s name?” and the rest is history. Twenty-six years with Ernie. We’ve grown up with each other in many ways and we’re different people because of each other. We are very blessed. I’d still flirt with him even though I don’t stay up late enough for after hours parties anymore…..

2 thoughts on “January 17th….

  1. What a wonderful story! I’ve had my crushes on the cute boy at the record store, none of them proved fruitful…. but my “how I met my husband” story also takes place near the beginning of the year, and it also involves a post-band-at-a-club party, and it also ends with “the rest is history” But this one is just plain delicious.