oh, all right….I am going to be more cheerful if it kills me.  At work today my boss asked us what our personal New Year’s resolutions were as well as work related ones.  I don’t normally make resolutions but I told her my goal is to keep the different aspects of my life—work, kids, parents, husband, etc.—-more balanced and that hopefully if I can keep things in balance I can also bring more energy to those different aspects.  A noble and somewhat hopeless goal, no doubt, but thinking about it made me more cheerful.
Owen is EXTREMELY excited about his birthday party.  His heart is set on a firetruck cake that is driving on a road past a Christmas tree…..and the Christmas tree has to be made out of cake.  It’s in his father’s hands is all I can say.  I don’t bake.  It’s just better that way.  We have to burn some cds tonight of his favorite music (Adam Schmitt here we come) as we’re giving him a little cd boombox for his room.  I think he will be very happy.  I hope so…he is my sweet pea even if he did draw a picture of Bob the Cat on the kitchen wall…..