Last night I listened to a Buddhist priest speak and one of the things that stuck with me is that he said you should never turn away from hardship, that hardship always serves you well. Something to think about.


SO, here’s what I’m thinking about my parents. Basically, they really are too far gone to go into assisted living—neither one could handle it on their own and they don’t WANT to move anyway. So my mom and I are going to sit down this weekend and go through a list of home health care agencies and see about getting them some regular help. Rather than get a cleaning service that would only clean, it seems best to go with an agency like this so they could also help with showering, etc. when that’s necessary.

Also, I read in the News-Gazette some months ago about a company that was starting up and they would do remodeling, but also do consulting on how to make your home more accessible for the elderly. I thought we could call them and see about having them do a consultation. We could get a quote for a wheelchair ramp too and see what other suggestions they might have.

They seem to like the Meals on Wheels, I’ll cross my fingers that they continue them. At the same Ernie and I will start visiting other nursing homes to get a feel for them and find out costs, etc. I figure at some point something will happen that will force our hand but for right now this seems to be the most realistic plan. I don’t mind doing what I’m doing for them, it’s what I’m NOT doing (like laundry and cleaning their house enough) that makes me worry. So if they/I can get help with that I will feel better.

So that’s the plan.

4 thoughts on “O.K., here’s the plan

  1. I love you. Yes, us Buddhists do seem to gravitate and learn from hardship, impermance, death…. Let me know what you need from me in terms of the nursing homes. And I will come back up — but now it looks like late March. Love, Judi

  2. hi-just found your blog and wanted to lend my support to your idea of home health care help. my mother has a brain tumor, and we resisted getting in-home help for too long. our aide is fantastic, and lets us have quality time with my mom instead of being dragged down by the day-to-day things that need to get done. keep up the good attitude!

  3. That does sound like such a good plan. Makes all the sense in the world. I really hope that works out well for your parents.
    Yeah, speaking of Buddhists, that reminded me of a line from a Pema Chodron tape I have where she quotes from — well I’ve forgotten where it’s from, but it goes like this: “The Great Way is only difficult for those who pick and choose.” She (and everyone at the talk she was giving) just cracked up after she said it.