1. My mother seems to like the Meals on Wheels…WOOO-HOOOOOO! This first month is a gift from my sister—we’ll see if Mom can bring herself to continue it. She seems to think they should be cheaper—-I’ve tried to explain that they aren’t a cost saving measure–they’re supposed to make your life easier. Anyway—-early returns are promising….

2. What the hell were we thinking when we gave Owen a cd boombox for his birthday? I’m am so sick of that Yellow Pills cd echoing down the stairs from his room. We let him play some Ramones and a Sweet disc (per Don Gerard’s suggestion….man do I LOVE Sweet) but he gave them back and said he liked them but he really wanted something more rock and roll. Then he went back to playing his Yellow Pills cd….. I do love my little popster!

3. Today is party preparation day. Ernie has to make the fire truck cake and I have to decide whether I’m going to give in and buy a bunch of crap for goodie bags. Who came up with that idea? I hate them with a passion.

4. There’s a backhoe driving around next door. We live next to an empty house owned by a crazy man. I’ll have to explain more some time. The boys love the construction equipment though.

5. We didn’t get a good birthday shot of Owen. I’m going to try again later when it’s sunnier. I don’t think these do him justice…



3 thoughts on “Random Notes from the Sandwich Life

  1. Those are darling pictures. I love the rock and roll preferences of my nephew and that this is surfacing at the young age of 5….just wait until he is 13 or 16…of course by that time he may be living with me in South Carolina! I may regret his love for rock and roll.

  2. FWIW, I found that those bigger sized rubber bouncy balls (like the kind you get in gumball machines but a few sizes up) are big hits and a lot easier than trying to fill grab bags with chintzy cheap crap — just hold out a bowl of balls and let them each take one.
    Hope all goes great for you and family in 2007!