1. Last night Ernie and the guys picked me up from work and Owen was sound asleep in his car seat. Not totally unusual at that time of day. When I woke him up and got him in the house he just asked to watch a cartoon in a pathetic voice so I sent him into the media room. By the time I got in there he was sound asleep on the couch shoes and all. I just left him and about an hour later I heard a huge thump and then silence. I figured I better get up and check to see if he was alive so I went in and found he had rolled off the couch and was now asleep on the floor. I put a blanket over him and he slept for another hour. I should have known he was getting sick.

2. Right around the time he woke up Leo took off for his Cub Scout meeting (when they picked me up he was in his car seat seriously studying the Cub Scout pledge he had to memorize—yes, I had my son memorize something about duty to God and country…..). So for the whole evening I basically had one child and it was……………sooooo easy and quiet. I’ve got to say I feel SO fortunate to have my two boys and I actually really regret that we didn’t have a third. That wasn’t meant to be though. I tell my boys all the time how important brothers are (you know, when I have Alzheimer’s they’ll have each other to talk to….) and I’m proud of how well they play together despite their battles. That being said, jeez, when we have just one of them around it seems SO peaceful. Of course when Leo got home (proudly bearing his first Cub Scout badge) we all sat and watched Night at the Museum and the sound of the boys giggling together is really magic. They identify with the two little guys who drive the car….Owen of course identifies with the cowboy guy, Leo with the Roman soldier….any surprises there?

3. Here is a picture where you can clearly see Big Mercy still dangling in the tree:


4. I don’t usually bring up work stuff here but this event we’re having tomorrow evening should be very interesting: http://japanhouse.typepad.com/japanhouse/2006/12/the_new_year.html