One night, a few months after Ernie and I had started seeing each other, so basically a million years ago, he picked me up from my dorm (!) and we went out for coffee. Then he mentioned a friend of his was having a few people over and asked if I wanted to go. Things were too new for me to say, “are you CRAZY? Does it look like I’m dressed to go to a party?” so I smiled and said “sure.” So off we went—turns out it was a gathering at Pat Dailey’s house—mostly a bunch of the Screams crowd. It was the first time I met Stephanie and LuAnn, etc. I was completely and totally intimidated. They were both tall and thin and seemed incredibly sophisticated to me. Ernie ended up talking nonstop with Pat about records (some things DON’T change) and I sat there somewhat miserable and feeling awkward. Then Brad must have taken pity on me as he came over and chatted and was utterly charming. I immediately developed a crush and have had a soft spot for him ever since….

A long introduction to saying that I like his new Handcuffs song and video:

3 thoughts on “the handcuffs

  1. Brad is still a sweetie. He called from Orange County on NY Eve last month to wish me a happy new year and to gossip.
    I love his jammies in this video.
    I wish I could remember that party. But it seems like EVERY night was a party back then. Was I loaded? Cause–“sophisticated”, I surely am not….

  2. nah, you weren’t loaded, I was young and easily intimidated. I’m a bit more sure of myself these days but I still have my moments……you guys just looked so damn cool……

  3. Thanks for the intro to a cool band…. they play a lot in Chicago…. I know, I should come see you too….luv ya, e