Ernie and I just had the most complicated discussion of how to get my parents to their 1:30 doctor appointment, while still picking Owen up at noon in Urbana, Leo up in Champaign at 2:00 and of course it’s a busy day for me at work because I have something due tomorrow….so we came up with a complex but reasonable plan….then I remembered that I don’t have a car—-mine is in the shop. So we reworked the plan, complete with calling neighbors to watch the boys briefly, etc. Then Ernie called me to tell me that Owen is throwing up. All plans are now on hold. I don’t want him near my folks if he is sick and he can’t go to a neighbor if he is sick……I finally told my mother she would have to cancel her appointment and reschedule it for later in the week. I’m exhausted and my day hasn’t really begun.

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