Well, Owen is working on a song for Adam Schmitt.  I suggested we send his Christmas song but he was adamently opposed.  I guess because that one was made up on the spot—-he’s reaching higher in honor of Adam….. 
Yesterday, Ernie had the misfortune of getting a tetanus shot on the same day of one of his anti hornet shots and had a weird reaction.  I had to race over to get Owen from preschool while Ernie waited it out at the doctor’s office.  He eventually was o.k. to drive home but was a little out of it all evening.  Poor sweet pea—-seems like it’s one thing after another.  What about all those years we didn’t even have health insurance and never worried about it??? Seems like another life now! I remember when he first got diagnosed with cancer—-one of his oncologists actually laughed at his medical file because it was so incredibly thin….yes, those were different days….
We had a smidgen of snow recently which was nice—but mostly we’re just stuck with gray weather.  Leo and I want snow.  Here’s some frost from the other morning:
In other Leo notes, he won TWO games at Chess Club yesterday—one against his best friend and one against "the guy that always wins".  He was VERY pleased with himself.  There’s nothing better than a happy Leo.  Last night as he was building a peanut mine on the table at Fries and Peanuts he told us that Chase can lower our monthly payments.  My sweet pea…..he is definitely the one that  will be in charge of supporting us in our old age…..
Speaking of Fries and Peanuts…..Leo actually called it the Esquire the other day.  Next thing you know he’ll be saying Allerton instead of the Park With No Toys.  My heart breaks.  The day Owen starts saying remember instead of demember I will take to my bed…..

3 thoughts on “another day….

  1. December instead of remember… I haven’t had the heart to tell Eli yet that remember isn’t bremembuh. It was only two days ago that I broke down and told Zane that things happen “by” accident not “on” accident. And it was a sad (if unnoticed) day indeed when “the alligator” finally became “the elevator.”

  2. I finally entered all my ‘fours’…go down and see. Hope you have a relaxing and uneventful weekend! Love, Judi

  3. I finally entered all my ‘fours’…go down and see. Hope you have a relaxing and uneventful weekend! Love, Judi